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Paging , Emergency Notification and Commercial Sound Product Articles

  1. Telcom & Data Introduces Sapling Wireless Clocks, A Comprehensive Time-Keeping Solution for Educational and Business Applications
    Sapling clock systems deliver the correct time to every unit in the network through advanced synchronization technology. These clocks are perfect for schools, public transportation buildings, and corporations.
  2. Telcom & Data Introduces Atlas Stadium Speakers for Sports Fields, Arenas, and Auditoriums
    Atlas stadium speakers and horns are the perfect audio solution for sporting events since the durable units offer clear, intelligible sound ideal for game announcements and music.
  3. Telcom & Data Introduces Clear Voice Planar Speakers for Mass Notification, Incredible Clarity Over Long Distances
    Telcom & Data offers Clear Voice planar speakers for industrial, commercial, and educational institutions. When delivering clear and intelligible messages to thousands of people is vital, Clear Voice planar speakers are phenomenal
  4. Telcom & Data Introduces LoudMouth Wireless Paging System, Drastically Reduces Installation Costs
    The LoudMouth wireless paging system is ideal for anyone who wants to eliminate the hassle of extensive wiring and high installation costs. The unit delivers loud and clear audio for any location that needs to communicate live voice messages. 
  5. Telcom & Data Introduces Quam Speakers
    Telcom & Data Introduces Quam Speakers to their Already Large Selection of Ceiling Speakers Looking for high quality ceiling mounted and ceiling tile speakers to finish off a project? Quam’s speakers are American made and perfect for an indoor paging system.
  6. Telcom & Data Introduces the Bogen NR100 Night Ringer, an Affordable Solution to a Common Office Problem
    The Bogen NR100 Telephone Paging System Night Ringer allows for a tone to be played through a building’s paging system when a call is coming in.

  7. Telcom & Data Introduces Bogen School Intercom Paging Systems for Schools Looking to Upgrade their out of Date Systems Many schools still use the intercom system from when the building was originally built. These systems are out of date and unreliable. When a system needs to be fixed, it can take several days for repair men to come and get it working again.
  8. Telcom & Data Introduces Premier USB MP3 Music on Hold Messaging System, a User-Friendly on Hold System for Small to Medium-Sized Companies Most callers placed on hold hang up the phone before they are directed to an actual person. With the USB 1200 callers stay on the line up to 25 percent longer.
  9. Telcom & Data Introduces Bogen A-2 Series Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Speakers, a Solution to Low Quality Outdoor Speakers Provide outdoor diners with the same sound quality as they expect indoors. Bogen weatherproof speakers are durable and sound great.
  10. Telcom & Data Announces Minuteman Rebate Program for Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Products, Surge Protectors, and Power Distribution Units
    Telcom & Data is a proud participant in Minuteman’s rebate program. Customers can get great discounts on power supply products from February 15th to March 31st.
  11. Telcom & Data Announces Customized Data Center Designs and Solutions to Meet Unique Industry Needs
    Telcom & Data is pleased to offer customized data center solutions in partnership with Great Lakes Case & Cabinet. Great Lakes’ offers a wide range of high quality racks and enclosures to meet any data center challenge. After a blueprint is designed, shipping and installation is fast and easy.
  12. Telcom & Data Introduces High-Performance School Intercom and Paging System for up to 75 Rooms
    Bogen’s S135A intercom system provides general and emergency communication. Easy push-button program selection and hands-free operation makes the unit extremely user friendly.
  13. Telcom & Data Introduces Hi-tech Voice Amplification System for School Classrooms, Improves Students’ Grades
    Telcom & Data is proud to unveil Bogen’s Orator. The voice amplification system is perfect for school classrooms. Amplified classrooms have been shown to increase student academic achievement, participation, and attentiveness.
  14. New Line of VoIP Paging, Intercom, Loud Ringer and IP Strobe Products Work With Any Premised Base or Hosted IP Phone System
    Businesses installing VoIP Phone systems frequently run into integration issues with peripheral devices such as phone paging, intercoms, loud phone ringers and analog TDM connections. Telcom & Data has announced it has signed an agreement to distribute CyberData’s new innovative SIP-enabled IP Paging and Two-way Communication/Access Control devices that are PoE.
  15. Outdoor Speaker Buyers Guide
    This buyer’s guide is for commercial sound applications of 70V sound systems although most of the information can be used for home audio systems.
  16. Wall Mount Speakers Buyers Guide for Commercial Paging and Sound
    When choosing a wall mount speaker several points should be considered. Restaurants, bars, bistros, department stores, institutional, outdoor venues and schools all require commercial sound and life safety capabilities from their sound systems
  17. 10 Ways to Reducing Exposure to Telephone Hacking
    Most hacker calls being made are going to the Middle East to countries like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey and Yemen, Once a system has been hacked the code is often sold on the street.
  18. School Paging Systems Provide Two Way Communications and Safety
    Bogen school paging solutions are easy to implement and are affordable. Which system do you need? Click here to find out more.
  19. 19” Racks for Servers and Rack Mount Equipment Available in Custom Sizes
    Great Lakes 2 post 19” Racks are manufactured for strength and durability using Double Sided Extruded Aluminum with a capacity of up to 1500 lbs and a shipping weight of only 30 lbs.
  20. Bogen Ceiling Speakers Designed For Office Paging Systems
    Designing a small to medium size phone paging system is not difficult if you keep a few things in mind.
  21. Customer Service Jobs Available at Milwaukee Telecommunications Company
    Passionate people looking for work look here!
  22. Protecting Employees and Surrounding Areas from Ammonia Leaks
    Ammonia Monitoring Systems provides emergency message notification and evacuation to employees and surrounding areas.
  23. Designing a Sound System for Places of Worship
    Churches, Mosques and Synagogues present challenges for commercial sound and paging systems. Bogen Communications design team offers free design services for places of worship.
  24. A Single Source for Thousands of Telecommunications Products and Solution
    Tired of having to shop and research for telecommunications products and services? This easy to use site delivers a vast array of telecom manufacturers, products and services.
  25. Designing a School Paging and Intercom System
    Do you need communications from your schools adminstrative offices to the classrooms? Here are is a quick read on how to set up and school intercom and paging system.
  26. Telcom & Data launches new location in Milwaukee
    Telcom & Data, announces its new location in Milwaukee. T&D finds Milwaukee a city of growth and innovation and is looking forward revitalizing the local economy by opening a new location in September of this year.
  27. Free Phone Page Design and Planning for Commercial Paging
    Considerations for designing a paging system.
  28. Telcom Data Receives 2009 Best of Chicago Award
    Telcom Data has been selected for the 2009 Best of Chicago Award in the Telephone Equipment & Systems category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).
  29. How These Green Technologies Cut Your Fuel Costs and Improve Productivity.
    Green Office technologies helps reduce your companies carbon foot print as well as attract and retain employees.