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Outdoor Speaker Buyer's Guide

15-watt model with built-in amplifiers

Outdoor speakers come in an array of choices for many applications.  This buyer’s guide is for commercial sound applications of 70V sound systems although most of the information can be used for home audio systems.  Outdoor speakers can be broken down into two categories.  The first one is Outdoor speakers for voice paging only and outdoor speakers for music reproduction and or paging.  Outdoor speakers for voice paging only are metal horn speakers. Metal Horn Speakers use a traditional horn shaped design with, rugged construction and high Db. level to allow using these horn speakers in large and me­dium sized public address and voicing evacuation sys­tems, where high efficiency of sound announcements is required.  Because of the high DB levels these horns are perfect for noisy outdoor environments.

 Outdoor speakers for music reproduction should be designed to withstand the elements in hot, cold and wet environments.  A well designed outdoor speaker  provides durability and excellent sound reproduction.  Outdoor speakers should have molded speaker cabinets made from UV-inhibited mineral-filled polypropylene, which would make them extremely durable and giving them excellent acoustic properties. All mounting hardware should be rust-proof heavy-gauge aluminum or stainless steel brackets, and powder-coated to resist chipping and scratching. 

 A check list for a solid out door speaker should include the following:

The speaker cabinet should be made from UV-inhibited mineral-filled polypropylene enclosure.  The speaker design includes die-cast aluminum frames with hard anodized aluminum cones instead of paper or plastic, and anodized aluminum voice coil formers, proprietary rubber compound for speaker surround, high-temperature adhesives, a sealed magnet gap and voice coil against moisture, and corrosion  powder coated aluminum, perforated PVC plastic grilles, threaded brass inserts, and gold-plated connectors for speaker wire connections.

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