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Free Phone Page Design and Planning for Commercial Paging


Paging Systems



 A  phone paging system can be a critical part of any business communications system. Besides everyday paging functionality, paging can be a life line to inform employees during an emergency or evacuation.  

Typical applications for paging include office communications, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing,  hospitals, school paging, and industrial outside plant. Determining what you need for implementing a system can be complex depending on how large the paging needs are.

 For smaller offices a paging system can be easy to plan. Ceiling Speaker placement should be central to the coverage area. Too few speakers and the volume can be too loud for people closest to the speaker. If the volume is too high it will create an unpleasant environment.  Rule of thumb for an open office speaker placement is one speaker every 9 to 12 sq ft apart. A volume knob or a recessed volume control on a ceiling speaker can provide additional fine tuning for an area.

Restaurants, Clubs and Lounges have a unique set of sound and volume issues. In many applications a restaurant or club will need several zones of sound. The sound environment of a bar area will be different from that of the dining area. Bogen manufactures a paging amplifier with built in matrix for multiple sound inputs and multi amplifiers built in to a single unit to provide flexibility. A bar area can require Hi-fidelity ceiling speakers, book case or wall mount speakers. Beer gardens or other out dining areas will require weatherproof speakers. Microphone inputs may be required for announcing seating.

Larger jobs including School paging, manufacturing, hospitals and outside plant applications can be much more complex and need professional design help.

Bogen offers FREE Paging Design Support for large paging jobs.  Bogen’s Application Design Service was developed to assist with the design of paging systems .

 Bogen Free Paging Design Includes:

  • Speaker Placement Design
  • Complete Bill of Material – This includes product description, model number, and quantity. We can even fax it to the distributor of your choice for pricing, if you wish.
  • Connectivity Drawings
  • Scope of Work
  • Detailed Assumptions
  • Red-Lined Blueprints (blueprints must be supplied; AutoCAD* blueprints accepted)
    * To AutoCAD 2005, .DWG file formats


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