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Bogen Ceiling Speakers Designed For Office Paging Systems


Office phone paging systems can provide fast reliable interoffice communications as well as back ground music and white noise for open office areas that are too quite and don’t allow for much conversation privacy.  Designing a small to medium size interoffice phone paging system is not difficult if you keep a few things in mind. The first rule in paging is the more ceiling speakers the better. Having too few speakers will cause you to turn up the volume and paging will be become loud and unclear. So when figuring out how many ceiling speakers you need error on too many than to few.  The second thing to consider is the ceiling height. Lower ceiling heights require more ceiling speakers then higher ceilings.  An example is a flashlight shined from a short or long distance. The shorter a flashlight is shined the distance the smaller the coverage area.  Most drop ceiling office environments have between 8 to 12 ft ceiling heights.  A 100ft X 100 ft would require 39 ceiling speakers if there was an 8 ft ceiling and only 17 speakers if there is a 12 ft ceiling.

Ceiling speakers are typically set for 1 watt of power. So if you had 39 ceiling speakers the paging amplifier would need to be at least 50 watts. This will allow for the 39 watts that the 39 ceiling speakers are drawing and provide some substantial “head room” of 20%.  

There are several models of ceiling speakers available on this site including standard 8 in ceiling speaker with and without volume control. The standard ceiling speakers typically requires you to cut a hole into the drop ceiling tile. The speaker is then supported by a tile bridge which sits in the drop ceiling frame.  Other speaker types include our SM1EZ ceiling speakers which install in minutes without cutting any holes. The SM1EZ ceiling speakers have two long screws that will poke through the ceiling tile. The ends are used to connect the speaker wire and then a large plastic washer is used to attach the ceiling speaker to the tile. The third type and the absolute favorite of many is the drop in ceiling speaker tile. The drop in ceiling speaker tile comes either as a 1X2 or a 2X2 ceiling tile depending on the size tile you have.  Simply remove a ceiling tile and replace it with a drop in ceiling speaker tile. There are several versions including off white, ultra white and plenum versions for places like office building where plenum wiring maybe required.

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