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Wall Mount Speakers Buyer's Guide for Commercial Paging and Sound





Commercial paging and sound design will typically call for wall mount speakers to provide full range sound in a host of indoor and outdoor environments.  When choosing a wall mount speaker several points should be considered.  Restaurants, bars, bistros, department stores, institutional, outdoor venues and schools all require commercial sound and life safety capabilities from their sound systems. Wall mount speakers can be classified into 3 categories of indoor and outdoor sound reproduction including commercial voice, premium wall mount speakers and super premium speakers.  Depending on the application and budget there are several types of speakers in these categories to choose from. Another consideration is if the system design will be 70V mono, self-amplified or 8 OHM.  By far the most common is 70V mono system. 70V is the most efficient and mono speakers provide the full array of sound so the listener can hear all parts of music reproduction.  Commercial sound systems use centralized paging amplifiers with 70V output signals because 70V commercial sound systems can handle extremely long lengths of wire to connect the speakers to the amplifier, and they can power a large number of speakers in each system.

Wall speakers work well with rooms and hallways that are 20' to 60' wide. Layout starts at one end of the hallway or room. The first speaker should be installed 10' from the end of the hallway or room. The next speaker on that wall should be installed 20' from the first speaker, as should any

additional speakers required to cover the length of the hallway or room.  The first speaker on the opposing wall should be installed 20' from the end of the hallway or room, thereby staggering the speakers. Each additional speaker should also be installed 20' apart from the previous one. 

The number of speakers needed to cover an open area and the layout of those speakers is contingent upon the availability of suitable mounting points in the area to be covered. Layout starts in one corner of the room. The first speaker should be installed 10' from the corner of the room with each additional speaker in the first row installed in increments of 20' from the first. 

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